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Updates on the collapse of the Baltimore Key Bridge

An official reports that at least one larger vehicle is submerged.

The Maryland State Police superintendent, Col. Roland L. Butler Jr., reports that at least one sizable vehicle has been found submerged.

Butler stated on Thursday night that, among other things, “there’s at least one vehicle, larger in size, that is completely encapsulated by the superstructure of the bridge, concrete.”
Before divers can go to retrieve that vehicle, he said, “it’s going to take some time to get to that, and it’s going to take some time to do that carefully.

The governor of Maryland claims that 2,400 feet of boom was used to contain potentially hazardous materials.

According to Maryland Governor Wes Moore, more than 2,400 feet of boom have been erected to stop any pollution leaks following the collapse of the Key Bridge.

When he went to the scene to evaluate the situation, he claimed that he himself did not notice any sheen on the water.

Recall that there were 56 containers on the ship that contained hazardous materials.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath stated during the briefing that 14 containers on the ship were damaged, and they included things like soap and perfume. He added that he was unsure if any of those materials ended up overboard.

Gilreath noted that although air monitors are set up to track possible threats, they have not yet detected any.

The mayor of Baltimore says he’s still optimistic that the bodies of the other workers will be found.

The mayor of Baltimore stated that he remains “hopeful” that the bodies of the other employees who are thought to be dead will be found.

Due to debris making it unsafe for divers to continue, authorities announced on Wednesday that they were pausing the search and recovery efforts for the four other workers who are believed to be dead. Divers will look for additional remains after the debris has been cleared and the next stage of salvage operations is finished.

Mayor Brandon Scott of Baltimore expressed his hope that “we are able to recover those who remain missing and bring them home to their families” during the salvage operation.

According to the mayor, he gave the governor’s office instructions to collaborate “on any and every effort that must be taken.”