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The most important events of the killing of the Iranian president

Mohsen Mansouri, the head of the funeral planning committee and Iran’s vice president of executive affairs, said that funeral prayers and a procession will take place on Tuesday in Tabriz, the largest city in the country’s mountainous northwest, where the helicopter crashed.
The corpses of the deceased will be taken later in the day to Tehran, Iran’s capital, from the sacred Shiite city of Qom, where a large number of the clerics who form the country’s theocratic elite receive their training.
The Grand Mosque in Tehran hosts grand celebrations for the first time. Comets were able to avoid Ferry Day since Al Mansouri announced it and shuttered offices nationwide.

Then, according to Mehr News Agency, Raisi’s body is anticipated to be brought to Mashhad’s famed Imam Reza Shrine, where Ayatollah Khamenei will conduct prayers. There is no information available on the accident’s potential cause or the reason that so many high-ranking Iranian government officials were flying in a single, antiquated helicopter.
Turkey claimed to have watched if Raisi’s helicopter was sending out a signal in the early hours of Sunday night, but it was unable to keep an eye on anything.
We got in touch with the Iranian side right away. According to the Turkish public channel TRT, Abdulkadir Uraloglu, the minister of transport and infrastructure in Turkey, stated that although they had also been in touch with us, it came out that either the helicopter’s signaling system was malfunctioning or it was not equipped with one.
It was unclear if he meant the transceiver that the helicopter had, which is a feature that most aircraft typically have.
In answer to a query on the potential for sabotage, Oraloglu stated that it was premature to make any comments and that the initial signs appeared to be fog-related accidents. On Monday, the military commander of Iran announced the formation of a technical committee to conduct an investigation, according to Iranian media. the accident’s causes, in which scientists and military personnel took part. A high-ranking team is scheduled to visit the accident scene in eastern Azerbaijan, according to a report by the Iranian Tasnim News Agency.
Moreover, the loss of Rice, according to the conservatives and Ayatollah Khamenei, shows how the country’s growing unpredictability actually feeds political and economic crises. The Tutrat’s dangerous spread into Israel, a neighboring country. His demise has affected both domestic and foreign players, including Arsal al-Adeed, a dictator in Iran. Presidents Xi Jinping of China, Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Kim Jong-un of North Korea all referred to Rice as a “friend” during speeches. In his letter, President Rice referred to him as “a man of noble state and a close friend of the North Korean people”. North Koreans are also called “people” by North Korean Central News, the official news agency for North Korea.
Xi, whose government helped mediate a historic reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia last year, praised Raisi’s contributions to maintaining Iran’s security and stability as well as advancing the nation’s development and prosperity. Raisi’s untimely death has caused great suffering for the Iranian people. In a statement carried by state media in China, Xi said that the people of China had also lost a close friend and that the two countries would continue to fortify and expand their strategic alliance.
Putin called the Iranian president a “true friend of Russia” and a “extraordinary politician,” and it is thought that Iran is providing him with assistance in his war in Ukraine. During the Putin administration, the Kremlin released a statement claiming that Rice had made a “valuable particular contribution” to the development of relations among the two nations.
The remarks coincide with a growing, if shaky, cooperation of passions between Iran, China, the Korean Peninsula, and Russia due to their shared antipathy to a global order that they perceive to be dominated by the US and its ideals.

Rice has a very divisive reputation in Iran, where a lot of young insiders avoid the conservative writer, and he was regarded as the man that Iranian genius had the greatest faith in. However, despite the violent suppression of youth-led protests against oppressive legislation like the Hijab Prison Law, dissent is still suppressed

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