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Casablanca Stock Exchange: Negative Territory Opening

The Casablanca Stock Exchange opened in negative territory on Tuesday, with its phare index, the MASI, down 0.08% to 10.751,87 points (pts).

The MASI.20 index, which includes the top 20 most liquid stocks, down 0.21% to 868,22 points, while the MASI.ESG index, which includes companies with the best ESG ratings as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, fell 0.16% to 803,03 points.

Risma (-4,33% à 146 DH), Res Dar Saada (-1,77% à 12,77 DH), Akdital (-1,28% à 308 DH), Ennakl (-1,07% à 35 DH), et Alliances (-0,93% à 64 DH) affichaient the most significant drops in value.

Stokvis Nord Afrique (+4,05% à 11,3 DH), Afriquia Gaz (+3,6% à 4.000 DH), CIH (+3,03% à 340 DH), Douja Prom Addoha (+0,96% à 7,36 DH), et Sodep-Marsa Maroc (+0,63% à 239,5 DH) also had significant increases. The MASI had fallen by 0.04 percent at the close, to 10.760,76 points.